Frequently asked questions

These questions may help you if you’re stuck or want help with using SRN Funding Search.

What is the SRN Funding Search?

SRN Funding Search is a collaboration between the Scottish Rural Network and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation’s Funding Scotland to provide high quality funding information to third sector organisations in rural Scotland.

Is the SRN Funding Search the right funding search for me?

SRN Funding Search lists local rural funds as well as Scottish, UK and overseas opportunities. It does not cover opportunities for project in the cities of Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow or Aberdeen. If your project or organisation is based in these cities then you’d be better to try the Funding Scotland search. For elsewhere in the UK try Funding Central for England, Funding Wales for Wales, and GrantTracker for Northern Ireland.

How often is the SRN Funding Search updated?

The SRN Funding Search uses the Funding Scotland database which is updated most weekdays to ensure that the information is as up to date as possible. You can view the most recently updated funds on the search page.

My searches return a large number of funds, how can a make the search more relevant?

The key phrase search is very powerful and will return funds in order of relevance. However, sometimes you’ll need to use the advanced filters to refine your search.

  • Geography – with no filters selected the search will return funds that support work in Scotland, UK and Internationally (but not the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Dundee). The filters can help you select only local funds, eg. select Fife to view Fife specific funds.
  • Beneficiaries are the people or things that will benefit from the work you do. Choosing beneficiaries will refine your search further, for example, people “living in rural areas”.
  • Activities are the type of work you do, such as advocacy or health and social care. Choosing activities will refine your search further.
  • Use quotes around key phrases. For example, if searching for funds for a social enterprise typing “social enterprise” will give better results.

How do I apply for funds I’ve found on the SRN Funding Search?

You’ll need to check the applications details on the funder’s website or contact them for details.

Where can I get more help and support to make funding applications?

If you are thinking about applying for LEADER funding, your local LEADER team will be able to help. You can get contact details and information on all the LEADER Local Action Groups on the Scottish Rural Network website.

SCVO’s Step by Step Guide to making funding applications provides a good starting point. The SCVO Training Programme also has some great opportunities for building your funding skills.

How do I sign up to the weekly bulletin?

In the weekly bulletin you will receive funding news and updates, and information on any recently opened or updated funds. You can subscribe or unsubscribe in the Settings area of the My Account menu.

How do I save searches?

Enter your search words or phrase and/or any filters you want to use. Then click on the “save/email this search” button above the search list. Give your name a search and set an email alert if you want alerts for new funds matching this search. View your saved searches at My Account/My searches & alerts.

How do I save funds to a list?

Carry out a funding search. Click on the list icon in the fund information page or summary. You can create a new list to save the fund to or add the fund to an existing list. Lists can then be downloaded as a full report of each fund (including any notes you have made) as a PDF or CSV file. You can also subscribe to receive email updates about any changes to funds in each of your lists. View and manage your lists click in My Account/ My Lists & updates.

How do I change my password or email address?

In the settings area of My Account you can change your password or email address. You can also update other profile information and unsubscribe from emails.

I have registered for bulletins but have not yet received one

Check your junk mail to see if the emails are going in that folder. If you have an IT team check with them to see if the email is being blocked by your server. If you are still not receiving a bulletin please get in touch with us.

I’m having trouble accessing my account, what can I do?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I add a funding opportunity to Funding Scotland?

We’d love to hear from you! Just contact us and we’ll get an entry arranged.

I’ve spotted a problem with a fund entry, how can I report it?

We try our best to provide accurate information but sometimes we miss things. With your help, we can make the SRN Funding Search the best it can be. Contact us with the details and we’ll sort it out.

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